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Chapter 1 - Photoshoot Video: Jana Foxy invites us into her house while she is eating breakfast. She gets naughty and decides to play with her food, first inserting the spoon from her cereal, then taking a huge cucumber into her plump pussy. She finishes off with a green pepper rammed deep to stretch her pussy open. 18:11 640x480 283 220
800x600 413 330
640x480 M2P 692 415
Chapter 2 - Masturbation Video: Jana sits having breakfast and gets herself a little dirty by pouring her milk down her hot naked body. Then she rubs her spoon against her pussy before taking a pepper from the bowl and ramming it into her wet pussy. She finishes herself off by taking a pink vibrator and fucking herself until she cums! 19:41 640x480 307 590
800x600 443 710
640x480 M2P 749 830
Chapter 3 - Photoshoot Video: Jana sits by the fireplace and opens a few little presents. She is very happy to use them for a different reason. She inserts the markers into her wet pussy and then takes a candy cane from the tree to pull her pussy open. She then rams two vibrators into her pussy at the same time to fill it to the max! 17:38 640x480 275 210
800x600 393 315
640x480 M2P 671 400
Chapter 4 - Masturbation Video: We catch Jana opening her Christmas presents, and she immediately comes up with a new way to play with her markers. Watch her tease her pussy with them before pulling out her new vibrators and using one to rub her clit while the other rams her plump pussy until she cums! 19:12 640x480 299 575
800x600 440 690
640x480 M2P 731 805
Chapter 5 - Photoshoot & BTS Video: Watch hot cowgirl Jana Foxy strip and stuff her panties deep inside her pussy with a great pull out. She then inserts our spreaders so we can see deep inside her pussy. 25:25 640x480 396 305
800x600 582 460
640x480 M2P 968 580
Chapter 6 - Masturbation Video: We interrupt sexy cowgirl Jana Foxy doing a little work on her laptop so she can get herself off! She takes her clothes off for us and begins to finger her pussy and play with her clit. Jana then grabs for her vibrator that she uses to fuck her pussy and rub on her clit until she cums! 20:23 640x480 325 610
800x600 445 735
640x480 M2P 776 855
Chapter 7 - Photoshoot Video: Jana Foxy is sitting on a brown couch in a blue skirt and a pink tank top. She starts to take off top and pose for us and we get some great shots. Jana then poses on the couch with some lollipops in her pussy and we get some great poses and a pullout. 24:51 640x480 387 300
800x600 563 450
640x480 M2P 946 565
Chapter 8 - Photoshoot & BTS Video: Jana is in the bathroom in a hot ALS Bikini. We watch her as she sits on the side of the tub and lets loose her crystal stream for the camera. Then she hops into the shower and poses, pulling her bikini bottom between her lips and distorting her pussy. She props up her leg and uses a glass dildo to ram inside her pussy for some really hot pictures! 20:30 640x480 320 245
800x600 470 370
640x480 M2P 781 450
Chapter 9 - Masturbation Video: Jana Foxy starts off this scene spashing in the tub, then she covers her body in oil and stretches her pussy lips. Then Jana fucks her sweet pussy with a glass dildo until she cums hard while standing! Hot! 19:18 640x480 301 570
800x600 430 700
640x480 M2P 735 810
Chapter 10 - Photoshoot & BTS Video: We wake Jana Foxy up to get some sexy shots out of her in this hot photoset. Watch her strip out of her sexy lingere to show off her pussy. Then watch Jana insert the speculum to give us a look deep inside of her pussy! An added p'ing bonus in the middle! 22:40 640x480 353 275
800x600 520 410
640x480 M2P 863 515
Chapter 11 - Masturbation Video: We wake up Jana Foxy in this scene so she can get herself off! Watch her rub her pussy until it is nice and wet. Then break out a blue and purple vibrator to fuck her pussy with until she cums. 16:55 640x480 264 510
800x600 377 610
640x480 M2P 644 710

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